About Teresa Kania

Teresa brings seasoned award-winning experience in the real estate industry to each and every one of her clients. Her sharp instincts and passion for working with people contribute to her outstanding work achievements, which are reinforced by the wealth of knowledge she has gained over the years in the industry.

Teresa’s ability to listen and understand how to help her clients leverage their investments has allowed her to continuously surpass her clients' goals and expectations. Teresa enjoys getting to know her clients and she is happy to say that many of them have become lifelong friends.

Teresa’s foresight and ability to anticipate market trends enables her to lead her team of collaborative professionals to create a marketing game plan. Her modern approach and innovative advertising cover every element of the master plan all the way to the victorious SOLD and client success. 

Teresa’s most powerful talent lies in knowing how to attract and orchestrate the right people needed to make every deal happen. She motivates everyone involved with her genuine eagerness to deliver first class service and trust with a family-friendly approach.

More than just satisfied, every client leaves with a long-lasting memory of what was a well-managed and exciting experience led by Teresa.

If you're ready to start house hunting, you can search real estate listings now. You can also refer to our Buyer's Guide for helpful tools and home buying advice. To start working with Teresa right away, please contact her online or by calling 416-992-4910. Looking to sell your home? See our Seller's Guide to get your Free Home Evaluation